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Thunderbirds & Winged Bigfoot

This is my first shot at a micro-podcast to cover news stories. This is somewhat experimental for me, so please send me feedback if you like it, hate it, etc…

Today we’re covering three recent stories with wings. All of these stories highlight the fact that the cryptozoology community on the Internet can do very good research sometimes, and has some very good thinkers in it. One thing Loren Coleman’s Cryptomundo site has become very adept at is getting new photographic evidence in front of thousands of critical eyes.

The first photo is the “Parking Lot Thunderbird.” First the photo, then the excellent analysis:


Parking Lot Thunderbird (via Cryptomundo)

Now for Tom Burke’s excellent analysis:


Thunderbird explained by Tom Burke


Argentine Windshield Pterosaur

The second set of photos is from Argentina and was reprinted in the UK’s Telegraph newspaper. Initially I thought it might be a Kite, but then subsequent photos showed that it never moves despite the camera’s movement. This is a strong sign that the thing in the photo is a defect in the windshield through which the camera is shooting.

And finally, the story I covered recently for the Examiner — a Bigfoot photo turns out to be a bird (probably a crow or blackbird.) This crude analysis shows the wings and how the photo was misinterpreted:



Music in today’s episode is provided through the podsafe music library of Music Alley. Tracks today include:

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