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The Soul of Science
a new book by Dr. Michael Shermer

Michael Shermer’s new pocket mini-book addresses how we can find spiritual meaning and purpose in a scientific worldview. There are many sources of spirituality; religion may be the most common, but it is by no means the only. Anything that generates a sense of awe may be a source of spirituality. Science does this in spades.

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photo of
Shermer at Pinnacle Rock

Shermer at Pinnacle Rock on the tiny island of Bartolome off of Santiago near Sullivan Bay, where Darwin visited in 1835.

Scientific American:
Shermer in the Galapagos

To mark the 5th anniversary of Michael Shermer’s monthly “Skeptic” column in Scientific American, the editors granted him an extra page for this special essay on retracing Darwin’s footsteps in the Galapagos islands. This is column number 60 for Shermer, only 241 to go to break the record set by the Iron Horse of essayists, Stephen Jay Gould, who penned 300 consecutive monthly columns in Natural History magazine. Shermer can break Gould’s record in April, 2026.

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Darwin Day with Richard Milner

Richard Milner photo
Charles Darwin & Associates: Ghostbusters

TONIGHT! Feb 2nd, 6:30 pm, free
Muhlenberg Branch Public Library, New York City, NY
presented by Secular Humanist Society of New York

An illustrated lecture on the great man’s secret war against the Victorian-era “spiritualists,” entertainingly presented by Richard Milner, Darwin authority, author, entertainer, and Guest Editor, Natural History magazine.

Charles Darwin:
Live & in Concert

Feb 10th, 11th, 12th
8pm, $20/$25

Producer’s Club Theatre,
New York City, NY
presented by
New York Atheists Inc.

There’s no better Darwin Day Birthday treat than to catch anthropologist-songwriter Richard Milner’s witty one-man musical about everyone’s favorite Victorian naturalist. The show has garnered praise from the likes of Penn & Teller, the late Stephen Jay Gould, and master lyricist Sheldon (“Fiddler on the Roof”) Harnick. Scheduled on the weekend of Darwin’s birthday, it’s an evolving musical, yet it’s intelligently designed! Call 212-595-8970 to reserve seats.

Warped Passages --
closeup of book cover

lecture reminder…

Warped Passages
Unraveling the Mysteries of the
Universe’s Hidden Dimensions

with Dr. Lisa Randall

Sunday, February 12th, 2pm
Baxter Lecture Hall, Caltech

The concept of additional spatial dimensions is as far from intuitive as any idea can be. In this lecture based on her new book, Dr. Randall employs creative analogies to explain how our universe may have many unseen dimensions.

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