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Michael Shermer’s
Touring Schedule

From November 3rd–9th, Dr. Michael Shermer will be speaking at the following venues (see below). Shermer is the founding publisher of Skeptic magazine, the Director of the Skeptics Society, a monthly columnist for Scientific American, and the host of the Skeptics Distinguished Lecture Series at Caltech. He is the author of Why Darwin Matters: The Case Against Intelligent Design, Science Friction, The Science of Good and Evil, How We Believe, Why People Believe Weird Things,
In Darwin’s Shadow, Denying History, and The Borderlands of Science.

“Why Darwin Matters” November 3rd @ 7 pm
“Why People Believe Weird Things” November 4th @ 9:15 am
in the Campus Center Auditorium, 13356 Eldridge Avenue, Sylmar
Contact Mark Pursley, PACE Director   |   818-364-7677   |   [email protected]
or Darren van Langenberg, AGS (Alpha Gamma Sigma) President   |   818-364-7677   |   [email protected]
“Science & Religion” (download the PDF for more information)
Saturday, November 4th, 1:30–3:30 pm
REGISTER online or by calling 213-744-2420
“Why People Believe Weird Things”
Tuesday, November 7th, 8 pm
in the Reeve Union Ballroom (227)
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“Science Friction: Where the Known Meets the Unknown”
Wednesday, November 9th, 7:30 pm
in the ballroom of the Memorial Student Union
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Simon Singh and Richard Wiseman

Simon Singh and Richard Wiseman

Theatre of Science

with Simon Singh & Richard Wiseman

November 9th – 12th, 2pm
Theatre for the New City,
New York, New York

Six foot long bolts of million-volt lightning are created for the first time on a New York stage by British scientists Richard Wiseman and Simon Singh as part of their show, The Theatre of Science. With the audience seated just a few feet from the lethal sparks, there is no room for error. As a finale to the show, one of the performers enters a coffin-shaped cage and absorbs the full force of the strikes.

The show also explores the remarkable anatomy of Delia Du Sol, one of the UK’s top contortionists, as she performs live, demonstrating impossible body bends and squeezing into a tiny Perspex cube. Further highlights include mind-blowing optical illusions, a live lie detection polygraph demonstration, and a two minute explanation of the Big Bang.

This sell-out show has been staged to rave reviews in London’s West End and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. For further details, see

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War & Peace

The evolution-creationism skirmishes that have periodically flared up throughout the past century embody the long historical tension between science and religion…

How does one describe the relationship between science and religion? Is there a model that one can use to reconcile the two worlds? On October 25th, the New York Sun published an article in which Michael Shermer reviewed 6 books that are representative of different aspects of his three-tiered model on the relationship of science and religion.

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