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Is The Skookum Fair Dinkum?

elk wallow

The Skookum cast explained as an elk wallow

IN TODAY’S EPISODE we learn about what has been called one of the best pieces of evidence for the existence of bigfoot. The Skookum cast, found in Washington state in 2000, is alleged to be the body imprint of a bigfoot lying in the mud to reach some fruit. But skeptics think it is just a big Elk print in the mud. In this episode we learn about the cast from veteran Bigfoot researcher Daniel Perez, editor of The Bigfoot Times. We discuss topics including:

  • The background of the expedition that led to the casting
  • The role of a TV crew in the research
  • The plausibility of a the imprint compared to that of other wildlife of the area
  • The players involved in the investigation
  • How has the cast held up over the past 10 years as evidence

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