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Episode Notes for
A Serpent’s Tale (episode 103)

Tales of enormous snakes have been a part of folklore for thousands of years. From myths to legends, to eyewitness testimony and photographs, these stories slither through our culture and seem inescapable. Prepare to recoil in horror as we talk about giant snakes with John C. Murphy, co-author of the fascinating book Tales of Giant Snakes. Do giant man-eating snakes lurk out there waiting to swallow the unwary? The answer is more complicated than you might suspect.

John C. Murphy is a Research Associate of the Division of Amphibians and Reptiles at the Field Museum of Natural History. He has recently retired from a 38-year science teaching career to:

  • write about reptiles, amphibians, and biodiversity;
  • do photography; and
  • research whatever topics attract his attention.

Articles about the evolution and the innate fear of snakes by humans

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