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Episode Notes for
Broadcasting for a Spell
(episode 109)

James “The Amazing” Randi joins us to discuss his work on the Long John Nebel “Party Line,” a late-night AM radio show from New York’s WOR that defined the paranormal-themed chat show and was a precursor to shows like those of Art Bell, George Noory and Dave Schrader. This episode features clips from the Long John Nebel show and from Randi’s tenure after he took over Nebel’s slot.

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Some sample shows from Long John Nebel (via YouTube)

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* Regarding Candy Jones, I have not had an opportunity to do extensive investigation into the Candy Jones / CIA story but besides James Randi’s observations in the episode, it is worth mentioning that it appears the majority of the evidence regarding the story comes from memories recovered by Long John Nebel conducting hypnosis on Candy. That is a notoriously unreliable approach to investigation. Candy was 6’ 4” tall herself, and a famous model. Stories about her alleged spying involve her putting on a wig to disguise herself - something that seems a bit ludicrous to me when imagining as striking a figure as Ms. Jones trying to blend in as a spy. Perhaps we’ll look deeper into this in the future, but nothing in my preliminary research suggested the story had legs. For more info on the CIA’s MK Ultra program, I recommend checking out this Skeptoid episode on the topic.


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