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Skeptic’s Science Dialogue:
with Bill Nye the Science Guy

This is the first in Skeptic’s new series of Science Dialogues. Skeptic magazine Publisher and Skeptics Society Executive Director Michael Shermer interviews Bill Nye the Science Guy about his new Netflix Original Series Bill Nye Saves the World. The new series airs Friday, April 21, 2017. The following interview took place on December 18, 2016 at the offices of the Planetary Society, and was filmed by Skeptic’s videographer Brad Davies.

About the Netflix Series: Bill Nye Saves the World

Bill Nye Saves the World (Netflix poster)

The series will focus on science, and will investigate its relationship with politics, pop culture and society (from space exploration to fad diets). The first season will explore topics such as climate change, alternative medicine, video games, and sex from a scientific point of view. The series will refute myths and anti-scientific claims. Guests will join for lab demos and myth busting.

This article was published on March 7, 2017.

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