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In this week’s eSkeptic, Michael Shermer celebrates the 150th anniversary of the 1858 discovery of natural selection by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace.


In this week’s eSkeptic, Jason Rosenhouse reviews two books: Francisco Ayala’s Darwin and Intelligent Design and Philip Kitcher’s Living With Darwin: Evolution, Design and the Future of Faith.


In this week’s eSkeptic, James N. Gardner reviews Janet Browne’s book Darwin’s Origin of Species: A Biography.


In this week’s eSkeptic, Dr. Norman Levitt reviews by George Levine’s book entitled Darwin Loves You: Natural Selection and the Re-enchantment of the World.


In this week’s eSkeptic, the Skeptics Society celebrates one of the greatest thinkers in history, Charles Darwin, on what would be his 198th birthday.


In this week’s eSkeptic, on Skepticality, correspondent David Federlein interviews Skepchick founder (and head volunteer) Rebecca Watson, and Derek & Swoopy talk to Bad Astronomy’s Dr. Phil Plait about his revealing 2007 Skepdude calendar photo. Also, the 9/11 issue of Skeptic magazine hits the stands, the Why Darwin Matters lecture is now on DVD, and Roy Zimmerman sings satire at Shop Skeptic.


In this week’s eSkeptic, Michael Shermer shares with us several letters to the editor of Scientific American commenting on his recent article entitled “Darwin on the Right” about how and why conservatives and Christians can and should accept the theory of evolution.


In this week’s eSkeptic, Fraser Cain interviews particle physicist Simon Singh about the dodgy topic of homeopathy and Amos Esty of American Scientist interviews Michael Shermer about debating advocates of intelligent design, the importance of understanding evolution, and why Americans, in particular, are troubled by this fundamental tenet of science.


In this week’s eSkeptic, Michael Shermer speaks at various venues across the east coast and signs copies of his latest book Why Darwin Matters: The Case Against Intelligent Design; Robert K. Eberle reviews Francis S. Collins’s book The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief.

Why Darwin Matters: The Case for Evolution & Against Intelligent Design

Evolution happened, and the theory describing it is one of the most well founded in all of science. Then why do half of all Americans reject it? In Why Darwin Matters, Michael Shermer diffuses objections to the theory by examining what evolution really is, how we know it happened, and how to test it.


In this week’s eSkeptic, Michael Shermer speaks at various bookstores across the west coast and signs copies of his latest book Why Darwin Matters: The Case Against Intelligent Design; The Environmental Wars Conference 2006 is launched at Shop Skeptic.


In this week’s eSkeptic, Dr. Michael Shermer announces his latest book Why Darwin Matters: The Case Against Intelligent Design.


In this week’s eSkeptic, Dr. Frank J. Sulloway explores the question of whether Lonesome George — the only known giant tortoise from the island of Pinta in the Galápagos — is the last survivor of his race.


In this week’s eSkeptic, we announce Michael Shermer’s new pocket-book The Soul of Science and Darwin Day events in New York City with Richard Milner.

Evolution: How We Know it Happened and Why it Matters

The hottest cultural controversy of 2005 was the Intelligent Design challenge to the theory of evolution, being played out in classrooms and courtrooms across America. The crux of the argument made by proponents of Intelligent Design is that the theory of evolution is in serious trouble. Dr. Donald Prothero will present the best evidence we have that evolution happened, why Darwin’s theory still matters, and what the real controversies are in evolutionary biology…


In this week’s eSkeptic, we present an article that appeared as the introduction to a special section on ”Darwin & Evolution” in the November issue of Natural History magazine.


In this week’s eSkeptic, Michael Shermer reports on the World Summit on evolution in the Galapagos.


In this week’s eSkeptic, the New York Sun reports fraud and deceit in Columbia University’s study into the power of prayer. Jason Rosenhouse reviews three books addressing Intelligent Design: The Design Revolution by William Dembski, God, the Devil and Darwin by Niall Shanks, and Darwinism, Design, and Public Education by John A. Campbell and Stephen Meyer.


In this week’s eSkeptic, Michael Shermer explores his theory of the evolution of morality in relation to George W. Bush in his opinion editorial “The Divinity of Politics: Throughout History, Leaders Have Claimed a Supernatural Link.”

Darwin, Darwinism, and the Darwinian Culture

James Rogers reviews Darwin: The Life of a Tormented Evolutionist a biography by Adrian Desmond and James Moore on how Darwin’s life and theories cannot be properly understood if separated from the social, religious and political context that molded their expression.

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