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Skeptic Magazine, Volume 3 Number 1
Table of Contents

Skeptic magazine, vol 3, no 1


’Twas Brillig…
The Liquefying “Blood” of St. Januarius. Also: Prime-Time Quackery
by James Randi
Life After False Memory Syndrome — an Update
by Laura E. Pasley
Electronic Skepticism
Head-on Collisions on the Information Highway by Fredric Rice
The Mattoon Phantom Gasser
Was the Famous Mass Hysteria Really a Mass Hoax? by Willy Smith
Why Should Skeptics Understand Religion?
by Clayton J. Drees
Skeptical Perspectives:
A Heretic-Scientist
Among the Spiritualists
Alfred Russel Wallace and 19th-Century Spiritualism — Part I by Michael Shermer
Is Raw Meat Conscious?
by Bernard Leikind

Special Section:

Therapeutic Touch
Skeptics in Hand-to-Hand Combat Over the Latest New Age Health Fad
by Linda A. Rosa
Homeopathy: A Position Statement by the National Council Against Health Fraud
edited by William Jarvis
Chasing Shadows
on a Pitch-Black Wall
Spiritual Belief Systems Compete as Alternatives to Scientific Health Care
by Jack Raso

Books in Brief

God’s Own Scientists: Creationists in a Secular World, 1994, by Christopher Toumey; A Social History of Truth: Civility and Science in Seventeenth-Century England, 1994, by Steven Shapin; The Beat of a Different Drum: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman, by Jagdish Mehra; History of Women in Science for Young People, by Vivian Epstein; A History of God: The 4000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, 1993, by Karen Armstrong


False Memories Sell; Think Your Cancer Away; UFO Lighter Than Air; A Dead Sweaty Elvis?; Mystery Fumes Called Mass Psychogenic Illness; Remember the Alamo; The Astrology of Accidents; Nat Can Con; NSTA Needs New Director; Aliens With Runny Noses; A 35mm Jesus; Color Me Blue (And Violet, Indigo, Green,Yellow, Orange, & Red); Freethinker’s Directory; Christopher Columbus, P.I.
So Long…
Nobel 2; Speaking of Vitamins; Sperry’s Split Brains;
Popper’s Principle
More News
Dead in Cult Suicide; Happy 80th Martin Gardner; “Psychic” Geller Loses Libel Suit Against Prometheus


Boy Scout Atheists Clarification; Agnosticism Unites; The A Word; Atheists Not Obnoxious; Agnosticism is Dogmatic; The Strong and the Weak — Shermer Responds; Asimov’s Method; Right Within Limits; Mind-Boggling Trends; Smoot’s Flat Earth; The Handwriting on the Wall; ICD 273.3; Skeptical of Madonna; Urban Myth; 7-Up Anyone?
Extreme Afrocentrism
& Holocaust Revisionism
Aborigines on the Moon?; Revisionist Jewbaiting; Hey Vito, Put it in Writing; Evil is Evil; Judeophobia and the Zionist Plot; With a Name Like Shermer…; Skeptic Part of Jewish Cabal; The Holocaust Lobby; I Have Not Now or Ever Been…; Don’t Print This; One Picture is Worth…; Not Sarcastic; The Wheat and the Chaff; Jewish Propaganda Quarterly; Some Skeptic You Are; A System Clone
Shermer Responds
Candelabras, Jews, & an


The Audio Classics Series
Religion, Scriptures and Spirituality,
edited by Walter Harrelson
and Mike Hassell
reviewed by Clayton J. Drees
Miracles, Conspiracies
& Skinhead
Pseudoscience and Pseudohistory at its Best: Weeping Icons, Relics, Stigmata, and Healing Cures,
by Joe Nickell;
Skinhead Street Gangs,
by Loren Christensen
reviewed by Peter Huston
Leftist Science
& Skeptical Rhetoric
Higher Superstition: The Academic Left and Its Quarrels with Science, by Paul R. Gross and Norman Levitt
reviewed by Jeffrey Shallit
The Thinker on
the Edge of Forever
Star Trek Creator: The Authorized Biography of Gene Roddenberry,
by David Alexander
reviewed by Michael Shermer

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Detecting Baloney

Baloney Detection Kit Sandwich (Infographic) by Deanna and Skylar (High Tech High Media Arts, San Diego, CA)

The Baloney Detection Kit Sandwich (Infographic)

For a class project, a pair of 11th grade physics students created the infographic shown below, inspired by Michael Shermer’s Baloney Detection Kit: a 16-page booklet designed to hone your critical thinking skills.

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Wisdom of Harriet Hall

Top 10 Things to Know About Alternative Medicine

Harriet Hall M.D. discusses: alternative versus conventional medicine, flu fear mongering, chiropractic, vaccines and autism, placebo effect, diet, homeopathy, acupuncture, “natural remedies,” and detoxification.

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Science Based Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine

Science Based Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine

Understanding the difference could save your life! In this superb 10-part video lecture series, Harriet Hall M.D., contrasts science-based medicine with so-called “complementary and alternative” methods.

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The Top 10 Weirdest Things

The Top Ten Strangest Beliefs

Michael Shermer has compiled a list of the top 10 strangest beliefs that he has encountered in his quarter century as a professional skeptic.

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Reality Check: How Science Deniers Threaten Our Future (paperback cover)

Who believes them? Why? How can you tell if they’re true?

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The Science Behind Why People See Ghosts

The Science Behind Why People See Ghosts

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Top 10 Myths About Evolution

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