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Culture Wars

What is Cancel Culture, Anyway?
by Carol Tavris
Revisiting Colorblindness
by Michael H. Bernstein
Cancelling the Pop Culture of Yesteryear
by John D. Van Dyke
The New Archaeology Wars
How Cancel Culture and Identity Politics Have Corrupted Science
by Elizabeth Weiss

Culture Wars

Cover illustration by Ryan Garcia
Tension Between Science & Ideology
by Bradley Campbell
Behavioral Science Needs to Return to the Basics
by April Bleske-Rechek, Michael H. Bernstein, and Robert O. Deaner
Blue & Green, Black & White
Identity Politics in History, from Byzantium to Sri Lanka
by Jens Kurt Heycke
Identity Politics and Its Discontents
interviews With Christopher Rufo and Yascha Mounk
What Type of Social Justice Do We Want?
by Michael Mills, Robert Maranto, and Richard Redding
A Scientific Perspective on the Patriarchy
The Gender Pay Gap and Unequal Opportunity
by Marc Defant
A Culture War Fought with Skepticism and Compassion
by Leo Igwe
The True Story Behind Ben Stein’s Anti-Evolution/ Pro-Intelligent Design Film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
by Kevin Miller
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