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Back Issues, volumes 3 + 4

Skeptic volume 04 number 4

volume 04 number 4
Carl Sagan Tribute

$742,000 Says Therapeutic Touch is Bogus; Dismantling History; A Tribute to Carl Sagan; Special Section: Can History Be a Science?; Birth Order as Destiny—An Interview with Frank Sulloway; 4 Ways History Can Be a Science; Have Deconstructionists Destroyed History?; Can We Know What Really Happened in the Past?; Detecting the “Human Energy Field”; Cheating for Jesus?—Creationist’s Questionable Tactics; 1996 Dumbth News; Randi—Become a Media Psychic!; Early Ghostbusters; N-Rays-Where’d They Go?; Nostradamus Debunked; 13 Questions Astrologers Can’t Answer; Encouraging Students to Think Critically; Norman Levitt Blasts His Critics…
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Skeptic volume 04 number 3

volume 04 number 3

Louis Farrakhan and Paranoia in African-American Politics; The New World Order, 666 and The End of the World; The Greatest Political Correctness Conspiracy Hoax; Who Really Runs America? Jerry Brown on Politics & Money; Psychoanalysis as Religion, Cult and Political Movement; Cracking the Bell Curve Myth; The “End of Science” Debate: Is It?; First Time In English! A Skeptical Historical Masterpiece: Benjamin Franklin and Antoine Lavoisier Investigate Mesmerism for Louis XVI of France; The Amazing Randi on Police Psychics; Who Become A Science Heretic?; Humor: Abducted by Hollywood; Aliens Arrive on Independence Day; What Will Tomorrow Bring?
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Skeptic volume 04 number 2

volume 04 number 2
Evolutionary Ethics

Interview: Living Within Limits & Limits on Living Garrett Hardin on Ecology, Economy, and Ethics; Toward a Science of Morality; In Our Own Self Image: The Evolution of Morality, Deception, and Religion; Prospects for Existence: Morality and Genetic Engineering; Plants, Property & People: Should Indigenous Peoples Be Compensated For Their Medicinal Plant Knowledge?; The Secular Sphinx: The Riddle of Ethics Without Religion; Why Creationists Fear Evolution: An Introduction to Bryan’s Last Speech; The Most Powerful Argument Against Evolution Ever Made: The Undelivered Speech to the Jury in the Scopes’ Trial; Save Fuel, the Nation, the Environment, Money … Sure; Whose is the Higher Superstition? Reflections on the Need for Skeptical Open-Mindedness in the Days to Come; Cosmythology: Was the Universe Designed to Produce Us?; The Question All Skeptics are Asking: What Was Adam’s IQ?; Skeptics Walk on Fire For Bill Nye “The Science Guy”; The Mysterious (and Profitable) Origins of Man; Millennium Mystery or Misinformation?; Patterson Bigfoot Hoax
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Skeptic volume 04 number 1

volume 04 number 1
Evolutionary Psychology

Quadro Tracker Dowsing Stick Tested by James Randi; News: Skeptics Conference, Psychic Challenge; Jehovah’s Witnesses/End of World; Psi Research Funds Forum; Skeptic Magazine Forum: Church of Scientology responds to Lippard Forum: Velikovsky; Physics; Raso Responds Forum: Repressed Memory Reversal Forum: In-Group v. Universal Morality Discussion Institute for Creation Research Museum Visit; McIver Guide to Evolutionary Psychology/Nature of Human Nature; Miele Sociology as Science; Don’t Delete Darwin: Salter Evolutionary Psychology as Protoscience; Critical Analysis of Evolutionary Psychology; Schlinger Interview: Lionel Tiger and Robin Fox; Interview: Stephen Jay Gould; Gould’s Dangerous Idea: Contingency/Necessity/nature of History; Reviews: Darwin’s Dangerous Idea; Hidden History of the Human Race; The Origin of Satan; The Final Superstition; 8 Brief Reviews: Paranormal, Evolution, Religion Humor: What is the Ant, Sir?
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Skeptic volume 03 number 4

volume 03 number 4
Cosmology & God

Can Science Prove God?; Richard Dawkins Interview; Cosmological Crisis?; Physics of Immortality; Velikovsky — Pro, Con, and History; In-Group Morality…
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Skeptic volume 03 number 3

volume 03 number 3
Race & IQ

Bell-Shaped Curve’s Skewed Logic; Defending the Bell Curve; Scientology versus the Internet; “Curse” of King Tut; How to Eat a Light Bulb; “Recovered Memories”…
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Skeptic volume 03 number 2

volume 03 number 2

AIDS Heresies; Astrology Brouhaha; Should the Bible be Taken Literally?; Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence; Parapsychologists and New Agers…
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Skeptic volume 03 number 1

volume 03 number 1

Update False Memory Syndrome; Homeopathy; Alternative Healthcare; Therapeutic Touch; Leftist Science; Mattoon Mass Hysteria; Star Trek’s Meaning; Liquefying “Blood”…
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The Science Behind Why People See Ghosts

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