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(January 19 – February 7, 2024)

Aboard the State-of-the-Art 152-Guest Expedition Cruise Ship Vega

Dear Friends,

While there are many captivating places in the world, few can compare to Antarctica, the islands of South Georgia and the Falklands for awesome beauty and remarkable wildlife. The images that greet you in these remote and unspoiled places are simply overwhelming: Icebergs as blue as a clear summer sky; jagged mountains laced with a snowy white mantle; and thousands upon thousands of penguins stretching as far as the eye can see. Next January, join us on our voyage to this incomparable part of the earth aboard the new state-of-the-art 152-guest expedition cruise ship Vega.

Sailing from Argentina’s Ushuaia, located at the southernmost tip of South America, we will retrace the sea lanes navigated by storied explorers, including Amundsen, Scott, and Shackleton. Our expedition will take place during the austral summer, when the days are long and relatively mild and the wildlife is at its peak.

We will first explore the Antarctic Peninsula, a narrow finger of land that separates the ice-chocked waters of the Weddell and Bellingshausen Seas, and surrounding islands. As Vega sails through scenic waterways, witness a breathtaking panorama of icebergs, blue glaciers and jagged snow-capped mountains, and explore penguin rookeries, see other wildlife, and look for minke, humpback and orca whales that frequent the icy, food-rich waters of Antarctica.

We will visit South Georgia, the spectacular remote island in the South Atlantic with its glacier-clad mountains, craggy peaks, and vast numbers of king penguins as well as other penguin species, large colonies of albatross, fur seals and elephant seals. Before ending our voyage of discovery, we will spend two days in the Falkland Islands, an archipelago that harbors an amazing concentration of wildlife that boasts over 200 bird species, including several that are endemic to the islands.

Built in Finland and launched in July 2022, Vega was designed specifically for polar exploration. Enjoy the luxurious amenities of this new state-of-the-art expedition cruise ship that accommodates a maximum of only 152 guests in elegant and spacious staterooms and suites. The ship’s size; limited guest capacity; superb accommodations and public spaces, facilities and services; advanced and eco-friendly technical and mechanical systems; and a complement of experienced officers and crew make Vega the ship of choice for exploring remote parts of the world in safety and comfort. A fleet of Zodiac landing craft will bring you into intimate contact with the incredible places we will explore.

We are most fortunate to have as our expedition guest lecturers, three outstanding scientists. The lectures, presentations and discussions of Dr. Dee Boersma, Dr. Sue Moore, and Dr. Nigella Hillgarth will provide depth and meaning to our exploration.

We hope you will join us on this once-in-a-lifetime travel adventure.

With warm regards,
Dr. Michael Shermer

Executive Director, Skeptics Society

7% of your cruise fee will be a tax-deductible donation to The Skeptics Society — a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


For daily itinerary, route map, cabin rates, inclusions, and cruise ship description, please download the Expedition Brochure (PDF).

Download the Expedition Brochure


Book this cruise program and receive a 5% savings on your next cruise with the Skeptics Society and Thalassa Journeys. If you book your next cruise within 30 days after you return from Voyage to Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falklands, you will receive an additional 5% savings.


A limited number of cabins are available for single occupancy in categories D to B at no additional charge. Additional single cabins are available at a supplement of 50% of the per person double occupancy rate, instead of the normal 70% supplement.

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