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Skeptic Magazine, Volume 1 Number 1
Table of Contents

Skeptic magazine, vol 1, no 1


Randi-Geller Update; Kreskin Challenged by Skeptics; Scientology vs. Reader’s Digest; UFOs at Harvard; Psychics in D.C.; Subliminal Tapes


Skeptics Forum Topic; LA Times Write-In; Letters


A Tribute to Isaac Asimov
by Steve Allen, Harlan Ellison,
and Martin Gardner
Sum Ergo Cogito —
I Am Therefore I Think:
A Skeptical Manifesto
by Michael Shermer
and the Skeptics Society
Randi at Caltech:
A Report from the Paranormal Trenches
by James Randi
How to Avoid Legal Problems in Skepticism
by Elie Shneour
The Most Precious
Thing We Have
The Triumph of the
Scientific Method by Michael Shermer


Pseudoscience, JFK Assassination; Conspiracy Theories by Paul V. McDowell
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