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Skeptic Magazine, Volume 1 Number 3
Table of Contents

Skeptic magazine, vol 1, no 3


A Skeptical Investigation at Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment by Michael Shermer &
Arthur Benjamin


Galileo Acquitted; Scientology v. IRS; Physicist Touts Meditation; Yogi Fights Crime; End of the World; Earth out of Orbit; Astronaut Bends Spoons; Psychic Car Repair; Skeptical Balance; Psychical Grant; Randi Update; Geller Calls

Special Section:
Revolution in Evolution?

The Mismeasure of History
Darwin, Gould, & the Nature
of Change by Michael Shermer
Punctuated Equilibrium
at Twenty
A Paleontological Perspective by Donald Prothero
Punctuated Equilibrium
in Fact & Theory
by Steven Jay Gould
Historic 1842
Sketch on Evolution
by Charles Darwin


Skeptics Forum; Letters


Darwin, Darwinism
& the Darwinian Culture
by James Rogers
The Case of the Missing Brain
by Paul McDowell
For those seeking a sound scientific viewpoint


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