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Skeptic Magazine, Volume 10 Number 2
Table of Contents

Skeptic magazine, vol 10, no 2

Cover Story

The Future of Intelligence:
Are People Getting
Smarter or Dumber?
by Robert Ehlich
Why Smart People
Believe Weird Things
by Michael Shermer

Special In-Depth Report

Divine Secrets of
the Ya-Ya Universe
Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Science — or a Not-So-New Kind of Computer Program?
by David Naiditch


’Twas Brillig…
Homeopathy, the French, Psychic Dreams, Testing Astrology & Numerology
by James Randi
Demon Haunted Times
Southern Bigfoot Convention
Draws Criticism
by Brandon Muller
Great Balls of Mystery!
Is the slow rotation of this massive granite ball paranormal or normal?
by Reza Saberi


Pious Fantasies
A review of Lost Discoveries: The Ancient Roots of Modern Science — from the Babylonians to the Maya, by Dick Teresi
reviewed by Norman Levitt
The Ghost of God
A review of The Ghost in the Universe: God in Light of Modern Science, by Taner Edisn reviewed by Ronald Ebert
From Scripture
to Space Oddity
A review of Bible Code II: The Countdown , by Michael Drosnin
reviewed by Tim Callahan
Deus ex Machinas, Shamanism, and Gonzo Science for the Digiterati
A review of Rational Mysticism: Dispatches from the Border Between Science and Spirituality, by John Horgan. reviewed by Thomas Patton


Roswell Holiday; Silver Fleece Awards; Steves Endorse Evolution
Dead Silence
Attending A “Live”
John Edward Seminar
by Brady J. Phelps, Elizabeth C. Wogen, and Scott C. Pedersen
What’s the Harm?
When Psychic Mediums
Serve as Grief Counselors
by Russel P. Freedman
Psychic Dodge Ball
The Sylvia Browne Chronology
by Russel P. Freedman

Special Section

Science & the Media:
Can the Media Help Science?
by Henry N. Pollack
Mind Over Media
How the News Legitimized the Paranormal and Why it Matters by Shari Waxman

Junior Skeptic

Mount Everest &
the Savage Yeti!
written and illustrated
by Daniel Loxton
The English In Nepal; Naming Everest; The First Tracks!; What’s In a Name; The 1933 Flyover; A Nazi versus the Yeti; The Shipton Prints; Footprint Science; Legacy at the Top of the World; The Search for the Yeti; Scalps & Relics; The Hillary Expedition; International Yeti; The Quest of Reinhold Messner; Is the Mystery Solved?; Face off with a Grizzly
The Call of the Yeti
by Bob Friedhoffer


Can Science Explain
the Jesus Miracle?
Science,the Resurrection, and the Ludicrous Leap; Persinger’s Passover Plot; Persinger’s Swoon Theory; Resurrection Poppycock; Skeptical of Persinger’s Skepticism; Persinger Responds to Tobin Crenshaw, Jeremy Genovese, Bradley Bowen, Jerry Kahn, and John Caporale
Time Travel Section
Time Traveling with Oedipus Rex; Skeptical of the Time Travel Skeptics; Michael Shermer’s “The Chronology Projector Conjecture;” Ted Dace’s “Days of the Future Past;” Andrew Bernardin’s “Einstein, Batman and the Surfer”
Rupert is Wrong; Rupert is Right; More “Open Mind” Quotes; Thought, Intuition, and Relativity; Sharpening Ockham’s Razor
How I Reluctantly
Became a Skeptic
by Susan Kawa
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