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Skeptic Magazine, Volume 12 Number 2
Table of Contents

Skeptic magazine, vol 12, no 2

Cover Story

A.I. Gone Awry
The Futile Quest for
Artificial Intelligence.
by Peter Kassan

Special Section:
Intelligent Design

The Dover Decision
A stunning blow against Intelligent Design Creationism — How the Kitzmiller et al. versus Dover Area School District Trial Unfolded.
by Burt Humburg and Ed Brayton
The Illusion of Design
by Richard Dawkins
Can Intelligent Design be Considered Scientific in the Same Way that SETI is? by Robert Camp
The Other Intelligent
Design Theories
Intelligent Design is only one of many “alternatives” to Darwinian evolution.
by David Brin


Intelligent Design and Hurricane Katrina; The Truth is Out There … About 9/11; The Mind’s Own Brain.
Death of Philosophy/
Derrida Forum
Derrida, Newton, Einstein, and Hawking; Demonizing Derrida and Deconstruction.
The Origin of Alien Faces
Examining Malmstrom’s Template: Exploring Other Options in Alien Face Experiences.
by Ben Witts and Jeff Buchanan
Cholesterol, Statins, and Mortality: A Skeptical Look; Deutsch Responds to Critics.
Doubting Dr. Dino’s
Doubter Forum
Hovind Doesn’t Understand Science; Garbage In, Garbage Out; Misapplying Set Theory To the World of Cause and Effect; God Cannot Be Either Proved or Disproved.


The Enigma of Coral Castle
by William Stansfield
Meeting the Man
with the Camera Brain

The Curious Case of Ted Serios
by Calvin Campbell

On the Cover

This issue’s cover was created using 3D modeling software for the bench and robot. The same robot model appears again in the illustration on page 31. Reflection maps and backgrounds were shot on location in Victoria, BC, Canada. Robot model by Jim WW Smith; textures and composite by Daniel Loxton.


The Omnitron
is Still With Us
by James Randi

Junior Skeptic

Pyramid Power
Khufu’s Pyramid; “Pyramidology”; Razor Blades; Odd Inventions; Antoine Bovis Revealed; Hockey; Putting Pyramid Power To the Test!; The MythBusters Experiments; How Good Is Your Science? written and illustrated
by Daniel Loxton


President Clinton on UFOs
The 2005 IgNobel Prizes
by Rebecca Watson
In Memoriam: Philip J. Klass
by Gary P. Posner
Homeopathic Placebo
New Study Says Homeopathy Doesn’t Work
Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fear
by Brian Ragle
Young Earth Creationists:
Creation Conference in Lynchburg
by Jason Rosenhouse


No Case at All
The Case for a Creator.
A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence that Points Towards God, by Lee Strobel.
reviewed by Tim Callahan
Science Without Borders
The Universe in a Single Atom:
The Convergence of Science & Spirituality
, by His Holiness the
Dalai Lama.
reviewed by Michael Shermer
9/11: A Date That
Will Live in Infamy
The New Pearl Harbor:
Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11
by David Ray Griffin.
reviewed by Richard Morrock
Creationism by
Any Other Name
The film The Privileged Planet: The Search for Purpose in the Universe.
reviewed by Charles G. Lambdin
Dawn of the Aquarian Age
The Cult of Alien Gods:
H.P. Lovecraft & Extraterrestrial
Pop Culture
, by Jason Colavito.
reviewed by Tim Callahan
Political Science
The Republican War on Science,
by Chris Mooney.
reviewed by David Brin
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