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Skeptic Magazine, Volume 16 Number 2
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

How Did Life Begin?
A Perspective on the Nature
and Origin of Life by Paul F. Deisler, Jr.


Who Still Believes
in 9/11 Conspiracies?
An Empirical Study on Political Affiliation and Conspiratorial Thinking by Scott Sommers


The SkepDoc
What is Naturopathy?!
by Harriet Hall, M.D.
Bad Language
The Accidental Accent by Karen Stollznow
’Twas Brillig…
Science and Magic by James Randi


Letter to Climate Skeptics
by David Morrison
The Dangerous Territory of Sports Dominance; Singling Out Singles; Antony Flew and the Evidence for God; Cell Phones and Cancer

Junior Skeptic

Skeptical Investigation
  • Who You Gonna Call?;
  • 2,000 Years of Skepticism;
  • Early Skeptical Voices;
  • Essential Guide for Investigators;
  • A Ghostly Mystery Solved;
  • How NOT to Hunt Ghosts;
  • Researching Stuff On the Internet;
  • Science Fair Investigation

Written by Daniel Loxton. Art by Daniel Loxton and Jim WW Smith. With special contributions from Blake Smith and Barbara Drescher.


Ayurvedic Medicine
A thousand years old —
but does it work? by Marc Carrier
The Singularity
Isn’t Even Close
Why Ray Kurzweil’s Predictions About the Future Are Flawed by Chris Edwards
Religion and Violence
An Anthropological Study on Religious Belief and Violent Behavior
by Benjamin Grant Purzycki
and Kyle Gibson
Thank God for
the New Atheists
A Sermon by the Reverend
Michael Dowd
An Incomprehensible Universe
Why the Human Brain is Ill-Equipped to Grasp the True
Nature of Nature
by David Zeigler
Lying About Placebos
Does the placebo effect work if  patients know what they are taking?
by Stewart Justman
Stradivarius Pseudoscience
The Myth of the Miraculous
Musical Instrument
by R.L. Barclay


A Five-Star Evolution Encyclopedia
Darwin’s Universe: Evolution
from A to Z
, by Richard Milner reviewed by Donald R. Prothero
Was Hypatia of Alexandria
a Scientist?
Agora, a film directed by Alejandro Amenábar, written by Amenábar and Mateo Gil
film reviewed by S. James Killings
Broadcasting from
the Great Beyond
Consciousness Beyond Life:
The Science of the Near-Death Experience
, by Pim van Lommel
reviewed by Donna Harris
The Eternally Boring Hereafter
Hereafter, a film directed and produced by Clint Eastwood film reviewed by Michael Shermer
Conspiring Against
Common Sense
Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History,
by David Aaronovitch reviewed by David Priess
Stephen Jay Gould: Did he bring paleontology to the “High Table”?
Stephen Jay Gould: Reflections on His View of Life, edited by Warren D. Allmon, Patricia H. Kelley, and Robert M. Ross
reviewed by Donald R. Prothero
It Ain’t Necessarily So
Child Development: Myths and Misunderstanding, by Jean Mercer
reviewed by Linda Rosa
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