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Skeptic Magazine, Volume 2 Number 1
Table of Contents

Skeptic magazine, vol 2, no 1

Special Section:

The Amadeus Myth
Muses on the Mental
Miracles of Genius by Michael Shermer
by James Randi, Steve Allen, Paul MacCready, Marilyn vos Savant, Elie Shneour, and David Alexander
In Search of Genius
by James Gleick


CSICOP and Geller; Randi Update; Heaven Bound; Skeptic in Washington; Einstein at Caltech; Terry and Albert; My Hour with Einstein; Biomagnetic Psychics; Skeptic in Stores; Memory:True or False?; Waco Tragedy; Psychic Accounting


Millenium Watch
Consumed in the Apocalypse by Ted Daniels
The “Science” of Noah’s Ark
by Denton Porter
The Great Hungarian
Crop Circle
by Gyula Bencze and James Randi
How to Look Like a Genius
Without Really Trying by Arthur Benjamin
Who & What
Mattered in History?
by Michael Shermer

Books in Brief

Forgotten Ancestors; The Solstice Star; Wishing and Thinking; Thinking Science; Who Are We?; Mountebanks and Scoundrels; Chasing Copernicus; Intimate Darwin; Recombinant DNA; Propaganda and Conspiracy


Magicians & Geniuses
A review essay of Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman by Milton Rothman
Will Creationists
Abandon Creation-“Science”?
by Jim Lippard
Pseudoscience, Social Science & Conspiracy Theory
by Paul McDowell
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