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Skeptic Magazine, Volume 20 Number 4
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Skeptic magazine, vol 20, no 4 (cover)


Anatomy of (Mass) Murder
A review of Joshua Oppenheimer’s documentary film The Look of Silence
reviewed by Stephen Beckner
Meeting ET
A review of Preparing for Contact: When Humans and Extraterrestrials Finally Meet, by George Michael. reviewed by Lawrence E. Grinter
Bottoms Up
A review of The Evolution of Everything: How Ideas Emerge, by Matt Ridley.
reviewed by Michael Shermer

Junior Skeptic

Space Brothers from Venus?

In this issue we’ll hear tales from a man who said he met flying saucer travellers—human beings from Venus and several other planets! Amateur astronomer George Adamski became famous in the 1950s for photographs of objects he said were alien spaceships. His stories only got wilder from there. He claimed he befriended saucer people, rode in their spaceships, and even attended a meeting on Saturn. His books about these adventures became a public sensation. But what was the truth behind Adamski’s storytelling? Find out in this issue of Junior Skeptic!

by Daniel Loxton


ON THE COVER: “Force of Nature—Robert Trivers”. Trivers photo by David Patton. Design by Pat Linse.
The Wild Life of an Evolutionary Biologist
Excerpted from the Memoir of One of the Greatest Scientists of the Past Century
by Robert Trivers


The Gadfly
Photographer’s Amnesia, or the Side Effects of Selfies
by Carol Tavris
The SkepDoc
Incidentalomas: Too Much Information Can Hurt You
by Harriet Hall, M.D.


Fake-Bake Fallacies
Debunking Indoor Tanning Myths by Amel Becirevic and Derek D. Reed
Skeptical Adventures of a Magician
by Doug Russell
The Passing of a Critical Thinking Giant
Richard Paul, 1937–2015
by Greg Hart
Can Science Determine Moral Values?
A Challenge from and Dialogue with Marc Hauser About The Moral Arc by Marc Hauser and Michael Shermer
The Science of Destiny What is the Meaning of Life, Anyway?
by David Zeigler
The Moving Tombstone of Aalsum
by Gert Jan van ’t Land
Brain Surgeon—or Brain Addled?
Neurosurgeon and Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Is Skeptical of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory. Is this a Reflection on Education or Religion?
by Donald Prothero
The Mismeasure of Radiation
A Debunking the Myth that Low-dose Radiation May Cause Cancer; In Fact, It May Even be Beneficial by Jeffry A. Siegel and Charles W. Pennington
Debating the God Construct
A reply to Douglas Navarick’s article “The ‘God’ Construct: A Testable Hypothesis for Unifying Science and Theology” by Dave Matson
Christianity’s Negative Impact on Modern American Education
by Nicholas M. Baker
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