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Skeptic Magazine, Volume 22 Number 4
Table of Contents

Skeptic magazine, vol 22, no 4 (cover)

ON THE COVER: “Campus Craziness”—inspired by a poster promoting the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the mid 60s–70s. On the original poster the student destroys symbols of Western culture and religion.

Special Section: The New Science Wars

Special Section Introduction
No Barriers to Inquiry
by Michael Shermer
I Am Not a Racist, And So Are You
An Unauthorized Peek at the Great Shaming Taking Place at an Institution of Higher Learning Near You (and Other Fireside Tales)
by Stephen Beckner
Radically Wrong in Berkeley
by Raymond Barglow
When Science Becomes the Enemy
by Marc J. Defant

Special Section: Biology & Behaviour

Canine Cognition
Did dogs become smarter through domestication? An interview with Dr. Brian Hare
by Felipe Nogueira
Bird Brains
Are crows as intelligent as some scientists claim?
by Patrik Lindenfors
What Biology Can Teach Us About Crime and Justice
by Nathan H. Lents and Lila Kazemian


The SkepDoc
Diet Sodas: Are the Dangers in the Chemicals or the Headlines?
by Harriet Hall, M.D.


A review of How UFOs Conquered the World: The History of a Modern Myth, by David Clarke
reviewed by Terence Hines
Virtual Violence
A Review of Moral Combat: Why the War on Violent Video Games is Wrong, by Patrick M. Markey and Christopher J. Ferguson.
reviewed by Terence Hines


Gary Taubes and the Case Against Sugar
by Harriet Hall, M.D.
From Camelot to Conspiracy
Memory, Myth, and the death of JFK
by Michel Jacques Gagné
Now Playing at a Cartesian Theater Near You
Dualism Returns
by Peter Kassan

Junior Skeptic

Ghost Ships

Today we’re leaving safe shores far behind, and sailing out over the waves in search of the sea’s eeriest mysteries. Imagine the ocean at night, a thousand miles from the nearest city light. Imagine cold salt wind on your face, sails overhead, a creaking deck beneath your feet. Suddenly a shadow looms out of the darkness, masts and tattered sails silhouetted against the sky. Your crew shouts in alarm, spinning the wheel to avoid a collision. A strange ship slides by. It is silent and empty, without a living soul on board. Passing like a phantom, it vanishes into the night. What just happened? Can tales of ghost ships be explained?ke fictional movie zombies actually exist in the real world? Let’s find out!

By Daniel Loxton. This issue’s cover features a digital painting by Daniel Loxton.

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