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Skeptic Magazine, Volume 26 Number 1
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Skeptic Magazine 26.1 (cover)

Dealing With COVID-19

Psychological Risks with COVID-19 Vaccines
If History Is a Guide, Given the Large Number of People to Be Vaccinated a Mass Anxiety Event Is Not Improbable
by Robert E. Bartholomew and Kate MacKrill
The After Time
The Future of Civilization after COVID-19
by Michael Shermer

Are Aliens Among Us?

Alien Skulls and Their Makers
The Creation of the “Sealand Skull” and the Hoax It Unintentionally Inspired
by Tim Callahan and H.H. Løyche
Why We Are Not Hybrids of Earthling and Extraterrestrial Ancestry
by David Zeigler

James Randi in Memoriam

James Randi in Memoriam, 1928–2020
James Randi and the Skeptical Movement
by Michael Shermer
James Randi, Skeptic Extraordinaire
by Daniel Loxton
The Amazing Randi As Seen by Skeptic Magazine Artists

Cover Article

How Did It All Begin?
Cosmic Inflation, the Multiverse, and the Nature of Scientific Proof
by Brian Keating


The SkepDoc
Osteopathy Then and Now
by Harriet Hall, M.D.


Havana Syndrome Skepticism
A Report by the National Academy of Sciences Says Microwaves Caused an Array of Mysterious Health Complaints at the American Embassy in Cuba. Here’s Why We Should Be Skeptical. It Was Probably Psychogenic.
by Robert E. Bartholomew
Banning Huck
Why Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Belongs in English Literature Curriculum Despite—Indeed Because—of its Use of the N-Word
by Kathleen Schultheis
Why Time, Causality, Consciousness, the Self, and Free Will Are Not Illusion
by Peter Kassan
The Future of Higher Education
Reengineering Learning for a Post-Pandemic World
by Chris Edwards


Close Calls
When Nuclear Armageddon Threatened to Destroy Civilization
by David Barash

Junior Skeptic

Conspiracy Theories

As the world continues the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve learned that we’re facing another enemy just as dangerous as the virus: a plague of misinformation! Even while scientists, doctors, and nurses work around the clock to prevent illness and save lives, millions of others are being misled by stories they’ve heard about shadowy groups secretly scheming against society. False rumors about wicked conspiracies are as old as time. Some seem harmless. Others cost lives. Some rumors have even changed the course of history. How do conspiracy theories work? And what can we do about them? Let’s find out!

by Daniel Loxton

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