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Skeptic Magazine, Volume 26 Number 2
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Skeptic Magazine 26.2 (cover)

Junior Skeptic

Cognitive Dissonance

We’ve investigated some very weird mysteries in the pages of Junior Skeptic. Today we’ll delve into the deepest, strangest mystery of them all: what’s happening inside our own brains! There are smart people today who believe that the Earth is flat, that they’ve been kidnapped by space aliens, or even that the deadly coronavirus pandemic is a hoax. How is it that so many people believe things that aren’t true, despite strong evidence that they’re wrong? Well, how is it that any of us decide what is true, or which sources to trust? How do our brains sometimes fool us into justifying our silliest beliefs and most hurtful behaviour? Let’s find out!

by Daniel Loxton


Twenty-five Fallacies in the Case for Christianity
by John Campbell

Cover Article

On the cover: Hallucination illustration by Pat Linse. The drum playing model is Melinda Carney (aka Shaman MiMi), who was photographed by Ed Pastor.
DMT and the Nature of Reality
Are the Entities and Experiences of a DMT Drug Trip Real or Imagined?
by George Michael


The SkepDoc
Mark Twain and Alternative Medicine
by Harriet Hall, M.D.


Johannes Kepler, Giordano Bruno, and Scientific Martyrdom
by Christopher Graney
Lizard People, 5G and the Nashville Bomber
by Tim Callahan
The Fringe Is Mainstream
Why Weird Beliefs Are a Normal, Central, Almost Universal Aspect of Human Affairs
by Daniel Loxton
Astrology as a Spiritual Belief System
Why a Focus on Empirical Evidence and Objective Truth May be Missing the Point
by Geoffrey Dean, Don Saklofske and Ivan Kelly
Notes on a Haunting
How Science Can Explain Ghosts and Haunted Houses
by Barry Markovsky
Trial, Error, and Success
How People Learn and Think
by Sima Dimitrijev and Maryann Karinch
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