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Skeptic Magazine, Volume 26 Number 3
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Skeptic Magazine 26.3 (cover)


The SkepDoc
Dietary Supplements and Deception
by Harriet Hall, M.D.
When Conspiracists Psychoanalyze
by Mick West


Thought Experiments
What Good are they, Anyway?
by Chris Edwards
Expert Bullshit Detection
by John V. Petrocelli


On the cover: painting by Ástor Alexander. The big questions—are we alone? And if not, what does it mean?
U.S. Government Says UFOs are “Real”
An Analysis of the 60 Minutes Investigation
by Mick West
Are UFOs and UAPs Ordinary, Extraordinary Terrestrial, or Extraordinary Extraterrestrial Phenomena?
by Michael Shermer


Anti-Vaccination in the Age of COVID-19
Dangerous Pseudoscience Doubles Down
by Raymond Barglow & Margret Schaefer
5G Conspiracy Theories and Other Popular Delusions
by Sean Kelly
The Paradox of Free Will
by Dennis Middlebrooks
Inequality: Why Women?
A Plausible Sociocultural Explanation for the Persistence and Universality of Gender Inequality Over Thousands of Years
by Dolores Newton and Jefferson M. Fish
How Science Works (and Why Pseudoscience Fails)
by Steve Sobel
Pandemic Politics
How 2020 Impacted Americans’ Social and Political Attitudes
by Anondah Saide, Kevin McCaffree, and Marshall McCready
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