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Editorial Board

Arthur Benjamin
Professor of Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College
Roger Bingham
Science Author
Television Essayist
K.C. Cole
Science Writer, Los Angeles Times
Richard Dawkins
Emeritus Professor,
University of Oxford
Jared Diamond
Professor of Geography & Environmental Health Sciences, UCLA
Clayton J. Drees
Professor of History, VWU
Mark Edward
Professional Magician & Mentalist
Gregory Forbes
Professor of Biology, Grand Rapids Community College
John Gribbin
Science Writer
Christof Koch
Professor of Cognitive & Behavioral Biology, California Institute of Technology
William McComas
Director, Project to Advance Science Education, University of Arkansas
Leonard Mlodinow
Physicist, Caltech
Bill Nye
Executive Director, The Planetary Society
Steven Pinker
Cognitive Psychologist, Harvard University
Donald Prothero
Professor of Geology, Cal Poly, Pomona
Nancy Segal
Professor of Psychology, CSU., Fullerton
Eugenie Scott
(Retired) Executive Director, National Center for Science Education
Frank Sulloway
Research Scholar, MIT
Julia Sweeney
Carol Tavris
Social Psychologist
Stuart Vyse
Behavioral Scientist, Author
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