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Skeptic Magazine, Volume 14 Number 4
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Skeptic magazine, vol 14, no 4

Psychology of the Scam

Fooled by Ponzi (and Madoff)
How Bernard Madoff Made Off with My Money, or Why Even an Expert on Gullibility Can Get Gulled
by Stephen Greenspan


’Twas Brillig…
Double Blind, Satan’s UFO,
Failed Prophecies by James Randi
The SkepDoc
What to Eat: Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants
by Harriet Hall, M.D.


Misleading by Petition
What is the Global Warming Consensus? by Gary J.Whittenberger
A Skeptic Visits Noah’s Ark
Evolution and Creationism
in England by Michael Shermer
Math & Marriage
Does Gay Marriage Decrease Straight Marriage by Barrett Brown


Value of L; The Magnetic Randi; Darwinian Misadventures in the Humanities; The Meaning of the Resurrection; Are NDEs Real?
New Revisionism Forum
A Defective Look at World War II; World War II Moral Equivalency; Just War and Unjust Killing; Don’t Knock Constitutional Monarchy

Junior Skeptic

The Art of Cold Reading
  • Magic Tricks
  • Common Misconceptions About How Cold Reading Works
  • How Cold Reading Really
  • Works: Classic Tricks
    of Cold Reading
  • Five Golden Rules to Block
    a Cold Reading

adapted from Ian Rowland’s book The Full Facts of Cold Reading.
art by Pat Linse and Daniel Loxton, cover by Daniel Loxton


Gulf War Syndrome
or Gulf Lore Mythology?
by Harriet Hall, M.D., The Skepdoc
Positively Misguided
The Myths & Mistakes of the
Positive Thinking Movement
by Steve Salerno
How to Think About Scientific Claims
A Study on How Non-scientists Evaluate Science Claims by Ralph M. Barnes, Audrey L. Alberstadt, & Lesleh E. Keilholtz
The Origin of Eden
by Tim Callahan


A Prosecutor Takes
on the JFK Assassination
Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy by Vincent Bugliosi
reviewed by Sheldon M. Stern
Darwin’s Tiny White Box
Microcosm: E coli and the New Science of Life by Carl Zimmer
reviewed by Tauriq Moosa
Klaatu Gort Redux
A review of the remake of a classic film The Day the Earth Stood Still reviewed by Michael Shermer
Secrets, Secrets, Secrets
The Secret History of the World:
As Laid Down by the Secret Societies
by Mark Booth reviewed by Barrett Brown
The God in our Brains
Did Man Create God? Is Your Spiritual Brain at Peace with Your thinking Brain? by David E. Comings reviewed by Tim Callahan
Secular Sunshine
The Secular Conscience:
Why Belief Belongs in Public Life

by Austin Dacey reviewed by Kenneth W. Krause
Evolution on Edge
The Edge of Evolution: The Search for the Limits of Darwinism
by Michael Behe reviewed by Robert K. Eberle
The Power of Belief
The Power of Belief Superstition: Belief in the Age of Science
by Robert L. Park reviewed by Michael Shermer
Jesus the Christian
How Jesus Became Christian
by Barrie Wilson reviewed by Tim Callahan

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Detecting Baloney

Baloney Detection Kit Sandwich (Infographic) by Deanna and Skylar (High Tech High Media Arts, San Diego, CA)

The Baloney Detection Kit Sandwich (Infographic)

For a class project, a pair of 11th grade physics students created the infographic shown below, inspired by Michael Shermer’s Baloney Detection Kit: a 16-page booklet designed to hone your critical thinking skills.

FREE PDF Download

Wisdom of Harriet Hall

Top 10 Things to Know About Alternative Medicine

Harriet Hall M.D. discusses: alternative versus conventional medicine, flu fear mongering, chiropractic, vaccines and autism, placebo effect, diet, homeopathy, acupuncture, “natural remedies,” and detoxification.

FREE Video Series

Science Based Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine

Science Based Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine

Understanding the difference could save your life! In this superb 10-part video lecture series, Harriet Hall M.D., contrasts science-based medicine with so-called “complementary and alternative” methods.

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The Top 10 Weirdest Things

The Top Ten Strangest Beliefs

Michael Shermer has compiled a list of the top 10 strangest beliefs that he has encountered in his quarter century as a professional skeptic.

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Reality Check: How Science Deniers Threaten Our Future (paperback cover)

Who believes them? Why? How can you tell if they’re true?

What is a conspiracy theory, why do people believe in them, and can you tell the difference between a true conspiracy and a false one?

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The Science Behind Why People See Ghosts

The Science Behind Why People See Ghosts

Mind altering experiences are one of the foundations of widespread belief in the paranormal. But as skeptics are well aware, accepting them as reality can be dangerous…

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Top 10 Myths About Evolution

Top 10 Myths About Evolution (and how we know it really happened)

If humans came from apes, why aren’t apes evolving into humans? Find out in this pamphlet!

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Learn to be a Psychic in 10 Easy Lessons

Learn to do Psychic “Cold Reading” in 10
Easy Lessons

Psychic readings and fortunetelling are an ancient art — a combination of acting and psychological manipulation.

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