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Skeptic Magazine, Volume 15 Number 2
Table of Contents

Skeptic magazine, vol 15, no 2

The End of the World, Again?

2012 and Counting
A NASA Scientist Answers the
Top 20 Questions About 2012
by David Morrison
Will Physicists
Destroy the World?
The Large Hadron Collider
and the Threats of Catastrophe
by Lloyd B.Lueptow
Physicists Will Not
Destroy the World
Why We Need Not Worry
About the Large Hadron Collider
by Lawrence Krauss


‘Twas Brillig…
A Magician in the Laboratory by James Randi
The SkepDoc
Chiropractic: A Little Physical Therapy, a Lot of Nonsense
by Harriet Hall, M.D.


The Problem of Bias,
Even in Biology
by David Zeigler
Darwin in Texas
An Empirical Study on What Teachers of Evolution Believe by Raymond A. Eve and
Chawki Belhadi
A Governor’s Prayer for Rain
An Empirical Analysis
of a Supernatural Claim by Gary J. Whittenberger

Junior Skeptic

The Shocking Secret
of Thetis Lake
  • What Dwells Below?
  • A Legend Is Born
  • A Face for the Monster
  • The Tegu Lizard
  • Monster from the Surf
  • More like a Pond
  • The Real Solution
  • Why Tell this Story at all?

Written by Daniel Loxton. Cover by Chris Wisnia, colored by Daniel Loxton. Art by Daniel Loxton and Jim WW Smith


The Coriolis Effect
Does water drain in different directions in the northern and southern hemispheres? by William D. Stansfield
Vaccines & Autism:
A Deadly Manufactroversy
by Harriet Hall, M.D., The Skepdoc

Religion & Society

Atheism Rising
Intelligence, Science,
and the Decline of Belief by James Allan Cheyne
Why Religions
Turn Oppressive
A Perspective from
Evolutionary Psychology
by Robert Kurzban
and Peter DeScioli
It’s Time to Teach
the Controversy
Since Creationism Isn’t Going Away, Let’s Use it in the Classroom to Teach the Difference between Science and Pseudoscience
by Christopher Baum


Gullible Instructing
the Gullible
Annals of Gullibility: Why We Get Duped and How to Avoid it by Stephen Greenspan
reviewed by Michael E.O’Reilly
Philosophers, Creationists, and Serious Brainiacs
But is it Science? The Philosophical Question in the Creation/Evolution Controversy (updated edition) edited by Robert T.Pennock and Michael Ruse
reviewed by Glenn Branch
Complexity Redux
Complexity: A Guided Tour by Melanie Mitchell reviewed by James N. Gardner
Mr. Armstrong’s Jersey
& Mr. Rogers’ Sweater
Supersense: Why We Believe in the Unbelievable by Bruce M.Hood reviewed by Michael Shermer
The Six Degrees
of Adolf Hitler
Linked: How Everything is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means for Business, Science, and Everyday Life by Albert-László Barabási reviewed by Andrew Shaindlin
Sensed Presences
in Extreme Contexts
The Third Man Factor: The Secret of Survival in Extreme Environments by John Geiger reviewed by James Allan Cheyne


Homeopathic Lake Water; Human Inevitability?; Telling Lies About JFK; Preaching to Ourselves; Aliens v. Bigfoot
Historical Jesus
Randi on his Double-Blind Experiment
Positive Thinking Forum
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