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Skeptic Magazine, Volume 8 Number 3
Table of Contents

Skeptic magazine, vol 8, no 3

Special Section:
Chaos Theory

A Quick & Dirty
Guide to Chaos Theory
Three Race Horses &
Four Hobby Horses
by Frank Miele
Chaos & Complexity
Should We Be Skeptical? by Massimo Pigliucci
How Nature Self-Organizes
Active Walks in Complex Systems
by Lui Lam
Contingencies & Counterfactuals
What Might Have Been
& What Had to Be
by Michael Shermer


‘Twas Brillig…
John Edward and the
Art of Cold Reading by James Randi
For Entertainment
Purposes Only
Fresh Fish: Trawling For the Truth Behind the Bumper Battle Known as the “Fish Wars” by Sheila Gibson
A Moment of Clarity
by Steven T. Asma
Talking Back(wards)
A Test of the Reverse Speech Hypothesis: Are Listeners able to Detect the Emotional Content of Backward Speech? by William Langston & John Chris Anderson
Deviance, Psychiatry
and Cultural Relativism
by Robert Bartholomew
Humans, History
& Environments
An Interview with Jared Diamond
by Michael Shermer
A Bang or a Whimper
Cosmology at the Beginning of a New Millennium
by Ronald Ebert


Future Foundation Symposium
by Frank Miele
Race & Sports Symposium
Skeptic Lite
New Theory: God Did It!
by Edward K. Lankford
The Skeptics Society’s Festschrift in Honor of Stephen Jay Gould
Richard Milner’s Musical Tribute; Over 700 Festschrift Particpants Meet, Mingle and Celebrate On the Caltech Campus; Festschrift Speakers; Batting 300 — Gouldian Stats


Woo Woo Science
The Living Energy Universe, by Gary Schwartz and Linda Russek
reviewed by Marc Berard
Darwin for Liberals
A Darwinian Left: Politics, Evolution, and Cooperation, by Peter Singer
reviewed by David Bloomberg
Who Was Jesus?
Jesus: Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium, by Bart D. Ehrman
reviewed by Tim Callahan
Confessions of
a Disagreeable Man
The Sokal Hoax: The Sham That Shook the Academy, edited by the editors of Lingua Franca
reviewed by Norman Levitt
The Truth About
Good Stories
The Truth Never Stands in the Way of a Good Story, by Jan Harold Brunvand reviewed by David Bloomberg


Can Governments Really Keep Secrets?; Religion Can Kill; Skeptics Overstep Their Ganzfeld Bounds; Roger Callahan Evasive on Thought Field Therapy Results; Wolves in Academic Clothes
Race & Sports Forum
The Secret of Kenyan Runners; White Sprinters; Hoberman’s Critique of Entine Off the Mark; Hoberman Responds
FDR & Pearl Harbor Forum
FDR and Pearl Harbor; Skeptic is Gullible about FDR Conspiracy Theories; Richard Morrock Responds
Attention Deficit Disorder
Ritalin Not Approved for Children; FYI, ADD is a Disease; Leo’s Reasoning Misleading; Jonathon Leo Responds
Chiropractic Forum
Critiques of Dr. Homola; Dr. Homola Responds
For those seeking a sound scientific viewpoint


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