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Back Issues, volumes 26–27

Skeptic volume 27 number 4

volume 27 number 4
Nationalism Matters

Paradoxes of Religion and Science in the USA • Why Nations Are Becoming More Secular • Protopian Politics and the Future of Nationalism • The Christian Origins of Nationalism • Christian Nationalism on the American Right • Allegations of Election Fraud Critically Examined • 12 Arguments for Nationalism • Why Nationalism Is a Threat to American Values • Neuroscience of Political Polarization • Refusing to Acknowledge Facts • The Ever-Evolving Sexual Revolution • Post-Truth • Science of Crowd Estimation • Flat Earthers and Conspiracy Culture • Exposing Bad Behavioral Science
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Skeptic volume 27 number 3

volume 27 number 3
Race Matters

Why Race Matters • Systemic Racism—Explained • News Media & Declining Race Relations: Social Narratives More Than Real-Life Events May Be Driving Decline in Race Relations • Race & Policing: A Data-Driven Look at Policing and its Discontents • Critical Race Theory: Noble Ends, Terrible Means • Why Reparations and Equity Are Bad Ideas • Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes: On Race and Jane Elliott’s Famous Experiment on Prejudice • Race & Medicine • Cracking History: Chiropractic’s Secret Origin • Abducted! Scientific Explanations of the Alien Abduction Experience • Persistent Belief: The Relative Implausibility of Certainty • Poking Holes in Needle-Spiking: Nightclub “Attacks” Scare Sweeps Europe • What Darwin Got Wrong About the Female of (All) Species • Broadcasting Flapdoodle: A review of Radio Psychics: Mind Reading and Fortune Telling in American Broadcasting, 1920–1940.
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Skeptic volume 27 number 2

volume 27 number 2
Abortion Matters

The Science of Abortion; Abortion: The Case for Choice; Anti-Abortion: The Case for Life; Skeptic Research Center: A Data-Driven Look Into Men’s Abortion Attitudes; Big Pharma’s Cynical Search for a Female Sex Drug; David Copperfield’s History of Magic; Deep Fakes: How to Know a Photograph, Video, or Audio Recording is Real; Havana Syndrome Hysteria: 60 Minutes’ Sensational Reporting on White House “Attacks”; Gimbal Video: Genuine UFO or Camera Artifact?; Holy Grail, Spear of Destiny, and Ark of the Covenant; How Science & Reason Can Give Us Objective Moral Truths Without God; Debate: Is Belief in ESP Irrational?
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Skeptic volume 27 number 1

volume 27 number 1
Transgender Matters

Transgender matters: an overview of the debate, research, and policies; supporting kids who identify as transgender or who are experiencing gender dysphoria (marked distress at an incongruence between gender identity and biological sex); Trans Athletes and Conflicting Rights; Why Christians Should Accept the Theory of Evolution; 5G Rollout Reawakens Wireless Fear; Two Tributes to Edward O. Wilson; Eyewitness Testimony: Engaging with People and Accounts of Extraordinary Claims Without Evoking Anger; Mytho-history: The “Evolution” of Adam & Eve; Wild Psychotherapy: Questionable Advice; A review essay on The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity
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Skeptic volume 26 number 4

volume 26 number 4
Havana Syndrome Hysteria

Havana Syndrome Hysteria and the Great Wild Goose Chase • Stupid Videos and Marketing Ploys • Environmental Conspiracies: Why do conspiracy theorists believe natural events are intentionally manipulated? • “You Can’t Say That!” Corporate Policing of Language • Excerpt from The Conjurer’s Conundrum: My Life in Magic & Skepticism • Vexed by the Un-Vaxxed • Misunderstanding Vaccines • Why Would God Create the Universe? • Distorting Darwinism • Electrohypersensitivity as a New Psychological Disorder • Reviews of Hawking Hawking: The Selling of a Scientific Celebrity; Mysteries and Secrets Revealed; The Conjurer’s Conundrum; The Century of Deception • Special Investigation: Penguin Paradox — Serious Skeptical Lessons from an Apparently Silly Story
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Skeptic volume 26 number 3

volume 26 number 3
UFOs and UAPs

In Memoriam: Pat Linse (1947–2021); U.S. Government Says UFOs are “Real”: An Analysis of the 60 Minutes Investigation; Are UFOs and UAPs Ordinary, Extraordinary Terrestrial, or Extraordinary Extraterrestrial Phenomena?; Anti-Vaccination in the Age of COVID-19; 5G Conspiracy Theories & Other Popular Delusions; The Paradox of Free Will; Plausible Sociocultural Explanation for the Persistence and Universality of Gender Inequality Over Thousands of Years; How Science Works (and Why Pseudoscience Fails); Pandemic Politics: How 2020 Impacted Americans’ Social and Political Attitudes; Thought Experiments: What Good Are They, Anyway?; Expert Bullshit Detection…
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Skeptic volume 26 number 2

volume 26 number 2
Drug Trips & Reality

DMT and the Nature of Reality: Are the Entities and Experiences of a DMT Drug Trip Real or Imagined?; Johannes Kepler, Giordano Bruno, and Scientific Martyrdom; Lizard People, 5G and the Nashville Bomber; Why Weird Beliefs Are a Normal, Central, Almost Universal Aspect of Human Affairs; Astrology as a Spiritual Belief System; How Science Can Explain Ghosts and Haunted Houses; Trial, Error, and Success: How People Learn and Think; Twenty-five Fallacies in the Case for Christianity; Junior Skeptic: Cognitive Dissonance
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Skeptic volume 26 number 1

volume 26 number 1
Cosmic Beginning

How Did It All Begin? Cosmic Inflation, the Multiverse, and the Nature of Scientific Proof; The SkepDoc: Osteopathy Then and Now, by Harriet Hall, M.D.; Psychological Risks with COVID-19 Vaccines; The Future of Civilization after COVID-19; The Future of Higher Education Reengineering Learning for a Post-Pandemic World; Havana Syndrome Skepticism—Why We Should Be Skeptical: It Was Probably Psychogenic; Why Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Belongs in English Literature Curriculum Despite—Indeed Because—of its Use of the N-Word; Why Time, Causality, Consciousness, the Self, and Free Will Are Not Illusion; Alien Skulls and Their Makers: The Creation of the “Sealand Skull” and the Hoax It Unintentionally Inspired; Why We Are Not Hybrids of Earthling and Extraterrestrial Ancestry; Skeptic Extraordinaire; As Seen by Skeptic Magazine Artists; Junior Skeptic 78: Conspiracy Theories
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