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conference participants gather outside during a break

conference participants gather outside during a break

post-conference report

From June 2–4, the Skeptics Society hosted the Environmental Wars conference which brought together scientists, writers, environmentalists, and thinkers from all points along the spectrum of the environmental debate.

Since the conference, there has been a lot of lively discussion happening in various independent blogs across the internet. In this week’s eSkeptic, as a follow-up to the conference, we link to a couple of them that have reported on and summarized the events of the weekend.


The DeSmogBlog, dedicated to “clearing the PR pollution that clouds climate science”, sent a team to Caltech to do a live report of the conference. In addition to the blog posts, you can listen to several one-one-one interviews with Sarah Pullman, one of DeSmogBlog’s regular contributors.

VISIT the DeSmogBlog >

LISTEN to the interview with Michael Shermer >

LISTEN to the interview with Gregory Benford >

LISTEN to the interview with Chris Mooney >

The Commons Blog

The Commons, a collaboration of multiple authors, is a free-market environmentalist blog headed up by Iain Murray and Jonathan Adler (one of the conference speakers). Adler posts a series of summaries covering the each speaker at the conference.

VISIT the Commons Blog >

Pasadena Weekly report

Carl Kozlowski, of Pasaedna Weekly, reports on the conference.

READ the report >

photo album

all photos on this page by David Patton

Shermer during his opening remarks

Michael Shermer during his opening remarks

Tapio Schneider and Chris Mooney

Tapio Schneider (left) speaks on a panel with Chris Mooney (right)

Peter Rees

Peter Rees, creator of TV’s Mythbusters


Kari Byron of TV’s Mythbusters


Jonathon Alder speaks on federal environmental regulation


Roy Zimmerman entertains on opening night


Michael Crichton presents his criticism of skeptics

Brian Fagan and Gregory Benford

Brian Fagan (left) speaks on a panel with Gregory Benford (right)


Donald Prothero leads the geology tour through the San Gabriel Mountains

Amaz!ng Adventure

The Amaz!ng Adventure
“Escape from the Bermuda Triangle”

August 27 – September 2
The Bermuda Triangle

Join James “the Amazing” Randi, Michael Shermer, Banachek and Hal Bidlack for an exclusive cruise through the Bermuda Triangle! Get your tickets this week, before booking closes!

VISIT the cruise website >

Shermer/Nelson debate MP3 updated

You may have noticed that the MP3 file (that we posted last week) of the debate between Michael Shermer and Paul Nelson ended rather abruptly. The problem has now been fixed, and you can listen to the MP3 in its entirety.

LISTEN online to the debate (15MB mp3) >

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