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A Climate of Belief

Patrick Frank says the claim that anthropogenic CO2 is responsible for the current warming of Earth climate is scientifically insupportable because climate models are unreliable.
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How We Know
Global Warming is Real

Tapio Schneider discusses the science behind human-induced climate change. READ the article online >

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Dragons Stalk Junior Skeptic

The new “dragons” issue of Junior Skeptic is on newsstands now!

Bound into Skeptic Volume 14, Number 1, this issue delves into the lore of the ultimate monster.

Dragon mythology stretches back to our most ancient writings. Almost every culture around the globe has told tales of huge, fearsome reptile monsters. How could different cultures imagine the same kind of monster? Could the many myths of dragons be based on something real?

Find out in the newest Junior Skeptic!

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origami dragon

Origami Dragon

To celebrate the new “Dragons” issue of Junior Skeptic, we’re introducing a real dragon — one you can make yourself!

This brand new origami figure was designed especially for Junior Skeptic by Australian skeptic, author, and origami artist Richard Saunders.

To conjure up a winged dragon of your own — or a flock of them! — all you need are a square piece of paper and an internet connection. Richard has kindly made a step-by-step instruction video showing exactly how to fold the figure, which you can watch online for free. Have fun!

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The Amazing Meeting 6 web banner

The Amazing Meeting 6 — I, Skeptic:
Modern Skepticism in the Internet Age

June 19–22, 2008, Flamingo Resort, Las Vegas

You can’t stop James “The Amazing” Randi, and he’s at it again with the Amazing Meeting 6. Our theme this year — I, Skeptic: Modern Skepticism in the Internet Age.

New speakers this year include Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, PZ Myers, Matthew Chapman, and Sharon Begley. Many of our old friends will be joining us as well, including Phil Plait (the Bad Astronomer), Penn & Teller, Richard Saunders, Dr. Richard Wiseman, Dr. Michael Shermer, Adam Savage (from the Mythbusters), Steve Novella, Christopher Hitchens and many more!


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