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Election 2008

On Tuesday, November 4th, Americans finally headed to the polls. By the time you read this, the outcome of this important U.S. election will be decided. But for some, the question remains: under the new administration, can nontheists, science advocates, and critical thinkers expect better representation in government?

In recognition of Election Day 2008, Skepticality is pleased to present a talk by Lori Lipman Brown of the Secular Coalition for America (the only Washington, DC lobbyist working on behalf of skeptics, rationalists and nontheists), entitled “Pastafarian, Zoroastrian, Atheist — Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

Lori Lipman Brown

Michael Shermer (left) and John Lennox (right)

Michael Shermer v. John Lennox
The Great Debate: Does God Exist?

Dr Michael Shermer the Founding Publisher of Skeptic magazine and a monthly columnist for Scientific American, during his lecture tour of Australia for that country’s National Science Week in August, 2008, takes on Dr John Lennox, who holds three doctorates in the fields of science and mathematics (Ph.D., D.Phil., D.Sc.) and is a Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at Green College, University of Oxford. His most recent book is God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God?

In this debate before a standing room only crowd in Sydney, Lennox and Shermer debated the usual arguments for God’s existence, with Lennox predictably leaning on Christian apologetics arguments and ending with his commitment to Jesus as his savior. Shermer closed with a passionate plea for science as the most transcendent form of knowledge that puts religion in the shade when it comes to revealing the wonders of the creation.

Watch the debate on YouTube

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