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Michael Shermer Announces Skepticism 101

I am exceptionally proud to announce today the beta launching of Skepticism 101: The Skeptical Studies Curriculum Resource Center, where we provide skeptical resources, freely available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Brought to you by the Skeptics Society and under the direction of Anondah Saide and William Bull, Skepticism 101 is a resource center for educators, teachers, administrators, students, and skeptics in all fields and walks of life to provide you with the resources you need to teach people how to think skeptically and critically about any and all claims.

We Are All Teachers. We Are All Educators.

Every time you talk to someone anywhere about anything you have an opportunity to teach skepticism and critical thinking, both of which are at the core of science. We want to change the world. Ideas and how to think about them is at the foundation of all change, especially beliefs. To that end we have launched Skepticism 101 and invite you to get involved by contributing any materials that you think might be relevant, interesting, and important to our cause of making the world a better place through reason and science. We are looking for suggested readings, course syllabi, PowerPoint presentations, student projects, papers, and videos that you have written and/or produced, and anything else you can think of that might be relevant. You can browse resources by topic (e.g. psychics), resource type (e.g. course syllabi), academic discipline (e.g. biology), or academic level (e.g. college).

Explore The 101 Resource Center

Thank you to everyone who has contributed thus far—in both educational materials and financial support—and I invite you all to make a contribution in any way you can. Think of this as the launching of a Skeptical Library of Alexandria! To participate contact the Skepticism 101 Resource Center Director Anondah Saide:

In addition to those who contributed teaching materials we are especially grateful to our significant supporters in last year’s fundraising campaign on behalf of Skepticism 101: Bill Nye, Steven Ridley, Robert Engman, Richard Epstein, Jones Hamilton, James Alexander, Jean Bettanny, Arnold Lau, David Kaloyanides, Jeff Kodosky, Marvin Mueller, and Michael Roberts. Special thanks go to Tyson Jacobsen, who also attended Michael Shermer’s first official course in skepticism last fall, “Skepticism 101: How to Think Like a Scientist Without Being a Geek.”

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