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The Possibility of Life in the Universe

This lecture by Carl Sagan was delivered one early evening in September 1974 (most likely Thursday, 5 September) to the U.S. Air Force Academy at Arnold Hall theater in front of a 3,000 cadet packed house lecture. It reflects the science of that time, and in the Q&A Dr. Sagan addresses the related claim that not only is there definitive proof for the existence of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence in the cosmos, ETIs have visited Earth. Dr. Sagan’s exquisite deconstruction of such claims is a classic exercise in skeptical and critical thinking. He received a lengthy standing ovation.

Listen to the lecture (audio-only)

Courtesy of Ann Druyan. All rights reserved.
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Recorded by Frederick Malmstrom.
Audio Processing by Michael Aisner.
Thank you to Frederick Malmstrom for recording this lecture in 1974 and for sending it to us along with this photograph of Jupiter autographed by Carl Sagan (below).

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