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Utah or Bust!

Dinosaurs, Trilobites & Geology Galore in Southern Utah

Monday–Saturday, June 8–13, 2009

Led by Dr. Donald Prothero, this six-day trip will tour the geologic wonders of southern Utah. We will visit some of the richest dinosaur-bearing deposits in the world, and collect amazing trilobites. We will also decipher the geologic story behind the amazing scenery at Zion, Bryce, and Capitol Reef National Parks. Along the way, we will stop frequently to learn about the rocks beneath our feet, or gaze over breathtaking scenic vistas that tell a remarkable story. Charter bus, breakfast, lunch, lectures, museums, park fees, fossil collecting, a guide booklet and hotels are included in this tour package. Your trip fee also includes a $200 donation to the Skeptics Society.

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