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Searching For Sasquatch


Brian Regal

This week on MonsterTalk, we talk with Dr. Brian Regal about his new book, Searching For Sasquatch: Crackpots, Eggheads & Cryptozoology. It’s an academic book about the history of the search for Sasquatch—yet not about Sasquatch.

Is cryptozoology a pseudoscience? Is it a waste of time? Does real science care about monsters? Does science suppress the secret existence of mystery apes—or has it simply withdrawn from the quest, smarting from hoax after hoax—but secretly hoping that someday the beast’s corpse will hit the lab table?

In this episode of MonsterTalk we’ll take a look at Cryptozoology through the eyes of a science historian, and find that many of the common myths about why science doesn’t embrace cryptzoology have less to do with dogma and more to do with caution.

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