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Episode Notes for
Ancient Alien Astronauts:
Interview with Ken Feder

Frauds, Myths and Mysteries (book cover)

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DID ANCIENT HUMANS gain their technological achievements through the assistance of creatures from other planets? This week on MonsterTalk, Dr. Feder, an archaeology professor who has taught a course on the topic, shares his thoughts. Feder is the author of Frauds, Myths and Mysteries—a book with more good scientific content on the cover than most TV shows have in an entire season.

In this episode

  • Morning of the Magicians
  • Chariots of the Gods
  • The claims people commonly make
    about ancient aliens
  • The History Channel’s
    Ancient Aliens series
  • A brief overview of some of the more popular “anachronistic” evidence
    • The Antikythera mechanism
    • The Baghdad Battery
    • The Saqqara Bird & gold “airplanes” found in South America
    • The Crystal Skulls
  • How archaeologists test “ancient astronaut” theories
  • How archaeology works
  • Is the Venus of Willendorf porn?


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