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Episode Notes for
Sasquatch: Ketchum If You Can

Dr. Todd Disotell

In this episode of MonsterTalk, your hosts interview Dr. Todd Disotell on the recent press release regarding Melba Ketchum’s Sasquatch DNA research. Disotell returns for the second time since his visit on the very first episode of MonsterTalk with news about Spike TV’s new Bigfoot show, Bigfoot DNA, science by press-release, and lots of other goodies.

Topics in this episode

  • The difference between Homin, Hominid and Homini (and Hominy)
  • The perils of dictionary updates
  • Science by press release v. peer review
  • What can evolution do in 15,000 years?
  • A primer on DNA
  • Chimps, Neanderthal and how related we are to each other
  • How plausible is this press release?


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