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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Junior Skeptic?
Junior Skeptic is the 10-page kids’ science section bound into Skeptic magazine.
Who created Junior Skeptic?
Junior Skeptic was created by Skeptic co-founder and Art Director Pat Linse.
Where can I get Junior Skeptic?
Junior Skeptic is found within Skeptic magazine. Skeptic is available by subscription, or at major newsstands. Subscribe today.
Who is the intended audience for Junior Skeptic?
Junior Skeptic is intended to serve two audiences: adult readers of Skeptic (who often say they turn straight to Junior Skeptic “like reading the comics first”), and kids with roughly a Grade 6–8 reading level. (Junior Skeptic Editor Daniel Loxton describes the intended audience as “Myself in Grade 7: bright kids who enjoy reading and have an interest in mysteries.”)
What sorts of material does Junior Skeptic cover?
Junior Skeptic typically tackles classic paranormal topics like Bigfoot, ESP, or the Bermuda Triangle. In addition to these things that go bump in the night, some issues concentrate on straight science topics like evolution.
What is Junior Skeptic’s position on God or religion?
Junior Skeptic has no position for or against God or religion. Instead, Junior Skeptic concentrates on accurately describing the findings of science and history — including the robust evidence for biological evolution — while leaving religious discussions to families and communities.
What is Junior Skeptic’s position on Santa Claus?
Junior Skeptic has no position on Santa Claus. (The personal feeling of Junior Skeptic Editor Daniel Loxton is that “Santa is a wonderful bit of childhood magic best left to parents.”)
Does Junior Skeptic contain material that may concern me as a parent?
Junior Skeptic is very clean and broadly accessible. We take special care to avoid graphic depictions of violence, graphic sexual content, and profanity.

However, parents should be aware that mildly mature material does infrequently appear within Junior Skeptic. On rare occasions, mild bad language may be found within quotations. Some paranormal claims or historical facts discussed in Junior Skeptic may be disturbing for very young children (such as alien abductions, plane crashes, or supernatural curses). Finally, some Junior Skeptic illustrations may depict realistic aliens or monsters that could be frightening to very young children.

Did you know that cartoon character Lisa Simpson reads Junior Skeptic?
Yes! This is a proud pedigree: the real Junior Skeptic was inspired in part by Lisa Simpson’s favorite fictional magazine — which was, in turn, a reference to the real Skeptic magazine.
How can I support the Skeptics Society’s educational efforts, including Junior Skeptic?
The Skeptics Society is a member-supported 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. A tax-deductible donation can be made online, or by contacting our staff by email at or by telephone at 1-626-794-3119. If you would like to discuss ways to earmark a contribution for educational projects, our staff will be pleased to assist you.

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Have you thought about producing Junior Skeptic as a standalone magazine for kids?
This remains an exciting long-range possibility. At this time, our efforts are focused on Junior Skeptic as a robust value-added section of Skeptic — and on several spin-off book projects based on Junior Skeptic material.
Have you thought about producing books based on Junior Skeptic?
Yes! We are already hard at work on several book projects based on Junior Skeptic.
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