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The Search for Atlantis
(issue #10)

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What does the internet have to say about Atlantis? Plenty! The citizens of Atlantis had blue blood which gave them skin of a beautiful violet color and they often stood over 8 feet tall. They possessed advanced crystal technology which generated unlimited free energy. Crystals of different colors allowed them to completely control the weather and cure every disease. Their life span was over 800 years long. Some say that they came from planets beyond our own galaxy…


Have you heard the story of the lost continent of Atlantis? According to legend, it was the greatest civilization of the ancient world. Its power, wealth, and glory were unequaled — until a terrifying cataclysm obliterated Atlantis in a single day… But no evidence of Atlantis has ever been found.

in this issue

The Search for Atlantis
  • Who Was Plato and what’s a dialogue?
  • Heroic Trinity: Socrates, Aristotle, and Atlas
  • what Plato wrote about Atlantis
  • where was Plato’s Atlantis?
  • Is it possible that Plato made up Atlantis? Did he expect people to believe?
  • arguments against Atlantis being an accurate historical account
  • legendary cities that turned out to be real
  • the best bet for a real Atlantis
  • the strange citizens of lost continents
  • Bob Friedhoffer Madman of Magic: The Vanishing Line


Tim Callahan, Bob Friedhoffer, and Pat Linse


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