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The Moon Landing “Hoax”
(issue #11)

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Some people promoting the idea that the moon landings were faked claim to be “photographic experts,” yet they seem never to have heard of some well-known photographic effects!


Bob Friedhoffer, Michael Gilmore, and Pat Linse. Moon photos courtesy of NASA.


Neil Armstrong’s first step onto the moon represented one of humanity’s all-time greatest achievements. Yet, there are those who say it never happened — and they claim they can prove it. Was the moon landing a hoax created with Hollywood special effects?

in this issue

The Moon Landing “Hoax”
  • Did we really land on the moon? Were the moon landings actually a gigantic hoax?
  • examples of the arguments for a fake moon landing and the solutions to those “mysteries”
  • Did the Fox TV show really present both sides of the argument?
  • proof of the moon landings avoided by the Fox TV show
  • Did anyone use a telescope to watch the apollo spacecraft go to the moon? Yes!
  • many claims of hoax promoters are just plain bad science
  • Bob Friedhoffer Madman of Magic: How Preconceived Ideas Can Fool You
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