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The Shocking Secret of Thetis Lake (issue #35)

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Junior Skeptic can be found within this issue of Skeptic magazine.

in this issue

The Shocking Secret
of Thetis Lake
  • What Dwells Below…?
  • An Obscure Legend is Born
  • A Face for the Monster
  • Mystery Solved?
  • A Home for Monsters?
  • Why Tell This Story At All?
  • It Lives On… In Plastic!

Written by Daniel Loxton.
Art by Daniel Loxton & Jim Smith. Cover by Chris Wisnia
with Daniel Loxton.

from the Introduction


I’m Daniel, the Editor of Junior Skeptic. I’d like to introduce you to a creature you’ve probably never heard of: the Thetis Lake Monster!

And, if you have heard of it—you shouldn’t have! This must be among the silliest “true” monster legends ever created. But if that’s so, why is this critter included in many cryptozoology books?

Let’s find out!

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