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Top 10 Busted Myths (issue #37)

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Top 10 Busted Myths
  1. Newspaper Horoscopes
  2. Dowsing
  3. Moon Landing Hoax
  4. Homeopathy
  5. The Loch Ness Monster
  6. The 10% Brain Myth
  7. The Bermuda Triangle
  8. The Skull of Doom
  9. Roswell UFO Crash
  10. Ghost Orbs

Written by Daniel Loxton. Art by Daniel Loxton and Jim Smith

from the Introduction


I’m Daniel, the Editor of Junior Skeptic. Welcome to a whirlwind tour of busted paranormal myths!

We’ll review a few topics from previous issues, and take a peek at some we’ll explore in greater detail in the future. For now, I hope you’ll enjoy the ride: 10 myths in 10 pages! From Roswell to homeopathy, dowsing to ghost orb photography, this issue explores some of the worst paranormal cases of all time!

For those seeking a sound scientific viewpoint


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