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The Kraken! (issue #40)

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Junior Skeptic can be found within this issue of Skeptic magazine.

in this issue

The Kraken!
  • Hollywood’s Ultimate Monster
  • Ancient Tentacles Stir
  • The Island That Is A Monster
  • The Scandinavian Kraken
  • The Kraken Rises
  • Truth and Fiction
  • Meet the Kraken
  • Squid Expert Dr. Steve O’Shea

Written by Daniel Loxton. Cover by Jim WW Smith, interior art by Daniel Loxton and Jim WW Smith.

from the Introduction


I’m Daniel, the Editor of Junior Skeptic. Welcome to our look at the legend of the terrifying, tentacled monster called the Kraken.

Foreshadowed by writers in Classical Greece and Rome, the Kraken grew in Medieval stories into a monster so large it was mistaken for an island. Could such a thing exist? Some early scientists argued that it did — and some sailors claimed they saw it with their own eyes! Now hold onto your hats while we…

“Release the Kraken!”

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