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Fossil Fakes, Pt 1 (issue #41)

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Fossil Fakes, Pt 1
  • Hoaxes of the Ancient World
  • Hydrarchos—Gigantic Fossil Reptile, or Gigantic Fake?
  • Did a Famous Hoaxer Make One of the Most Important
  • Genuine Fossil Discoveries of All Time?
  • Pseudofossils and Deliberate Fossil Fakes
  • A Tale of Two Birds: The Archaeoraptor Fiasco
  • A Tale of Two Birds: Archaeopteryx “Hoax”?

Written by Daniel Loxton and Jason Loxton, with special contribution from Adrienne Mayor. Cover by Jim WW Smith and Daniel Loxton

from the Introduction


I’m Daniel, the Editor of Junior Skeptic. Welcome to our look at fossil hoaxes!

Sometimes traces of animals and plants from long ago are preserved as part of the rocks of the Earth: most often bones or teeth, but sometimes impressions from leaves, or skin, or even footprints. These fossils teach scientists about life in the distant past. But there are artists and tricksters who create fake fossils. What kind of mischief can these cause? Let’s find out!

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