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Fossil Fakes, Pt 2 (issue #42)

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Fossil Fakes, Pt 2
  • Digging Into Fossils
  • Does Nature Lie?
  • The Lying Stones of Johann Beringer
  • Fossil “Crime Scenes”
  • Be a Fossil Detective
  • Giant Footprints
  • Proof of Nessie?

Written by Jason Loxton and Daniel Loxton. Cover by Daniel Loxton.

from the Introduction


Hello! I’m Daniel, the Editor of Junior Skeptic. Welcome to Part Two of our look at fossil fakes!

In Part One we learned about some famous fossil hoaxes, accusations of hoaxes, and tricks for creating hoaxes. In this issue, we’ll look at more famous cases, and also ask: Why are fossils that are merely out of place also considered fossil fakes? And how much long-term mischief can fakery cause for the scientists who are working to understand the history of life? Let’s find out!

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