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Mermaids (issue #48)

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in this issue

  • Mermaids and the Gods
  • Visions of Mermaids
  • Dugongs and Manatees
  • Faking Mermaids
  • The Business of Mermaids
  • The Prince of Humbugs
  • Modern Mermaid Mysteries
  • Mermaids: The Body Found!

By Daniel Loxton. Interior art by Daniel Loxton and Jim Smith. This issue’s cover features a traditional oil on board painting by Corinne Elizabeth Garlick.

from the Introduction


In this issue, we’ll look at the ancient legend of mermaids! For many centuries, tales have been told of fish-tailed people who live beneath the sea. Today, big-budget television specials claim that these stories are true. Could such creatures really exist? Or if these underwater beings are purely mythological, can we explain sightings of mermaids and the strange, mummified, fish-tailed bodies exhibited in museums? Let’s find out!

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