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The Ping-Pong Planets
of Dr. Velikovsky (issue #49)

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The Ping-Pong Planets
of Dr. Velikovsky
  • Immanuel Velikovsky
  • Worlds in Collision
  • A Life of Ideas
  • A World in Chaos
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Hidden History of the Earth?
  • Birth of Venus?
  • Venus Returns—and then
    Mars Attacks?
  • Dinosaurs, Mammoths, Diamonds
  • Scientists Respond to Worlds
    in Collision
  • Velikovsky and Einstein:
    An Unlikely Friendship
  • The Deep Flaws in
    Velikovsky’s Ideas

By Daniel Loxton. Interior art by Daniel Loxton with Jim WW Smith. This issue’s cover, by Daniel Loxton, features traditional pen and ink drawing with digital color.

from the Introduction


What if everything scientists have discovered about the history of the Earth—the evolution of life, the ice ages, the movements of the continents, all of it—was completely wrong? And what if that was just the tip of the iceberg? What if the planets of our solar system had often careened out of their orbits like wrecking balls, bringing catastrophe to the cultures of the ancient world—and then humanity forgot that it happened? Could any of that be true? Let’s find out!

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