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Urban Legends
(issue #5)

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Dr. Brunvand is one of America’s leading folklorists, and his specialty is the Urban Legend. He has written a number of fascinating and funny books of collections and explanations of Urban Legends including: The Vanishing Hitchhiker; The Choking Doberman; The Mexican Pet; Curses, Broiled Again; and The Baby Train.


From alligators in the sewers to spiders nesting in our hair, urban legends have a life of their own. Learn how they work, how they spread, and why people believe them. And, learn the truth about the what may be the most “urban” legend of them all — cow-tipping.

in this issue

Urban Legends
  • how to spot an urban legend
  • famous phony stories
  • how urban legends change to fit new circumstances
  • fake warnings — the sky is falling!
  • the most urban legend of all: cow-tipping
  • how to create an urban legend
  • Bob Friedhoffer’s Madman of Magic: The Magic of Stephen Hawking


Amanda Chesworth, John Coulter, Bob Friedhoffer, Michael Gilmore, Andrew Harter, Pat Linse, and Dr. Thomas McDonough

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