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Carl Sagan (issue #50)

Junior Skeptic cover


Skeptic Vol 19n01 cover
Junior Skeptic can be found within this issue of Skeptic magazine.

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Carl Sagan
    • Celebrity Scientist
    • Other Worlds
    • Aliens and Flying Saucers
    • The Kearney Incident
    • Project Blue Book
    • Congressional Testimony
    • UFO Symposium
    • Alien Abduction
    • A Real Search for Aliens
    • NASA
    • Dragon in the Garage
    • Organized Skepticism
    • Sagan’s Lasting Influence

By Daniel Loxton. Interior art by Daniel Loxton with Jim WW Smith. This issue’s cover features a modeling clay and mixed media illustration by Daniel Loxton.

from the Introduction


To celebrate 50 issues of Junior Skeptic, we turn to the story of one of skepticism’s most inspiring people: astronomer Carl Sagan! Sagan was a skinny kid from Brooklyn who grew up to become one of America’s most famous scientists. He dedicated his life to two astonishing projects: teaching millions of regular folks about the power and beauty of science, and searching for evidence of extraterrestrial life! But skeptics remember Sagan for something even more unusual: his passionate, lifelong pursuit of the truth about paranormal mysteries!

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