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Flat Earth?! The Convoluted Story
of a Flatly Mistaken Idea
(issue #53)

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Flat Earth?! The Convoluted Story of a Flatly Mistaken Idea
  • Can You Prove the Earth is Round?
  • Unflattening the World: The Spherical Earth in the Time of Aristotle
  • Measuring Earth with a Stick
  • Columbus and the Myth of Medieval Flat-Earth Belief
  • Inventing the Flat Earth
  • Radical Perspectives: The “Parallax” Effect
  • Did Rowbotham Believe His Own Claims?
  • Bedlam at Bedford
  • Crusaders & Conspiracies: A Conspiracy of Roundness?
  • Lady Blount’s Universal Zetetic Society

By Daniel Loxton. This issue’s cover features a digital painting by Daniel Loxton, based upon a 19th century flat-Earth diagram.

from the Introduction


Imagine if someone were to ask you, “What shape is the Earth?” It’s likely you’d answer “round,” or describe our world as a ball (or globe or sphere) in space. I would too! But what if you met someone who insisted that the Earth is nothing like a ball, but instead is as flat as a pancake? How could they possibly defend such a peculiar notion? And are there really people who believe this?

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